Kirby is a very sweet billy goat. He is friendly and will eat of of your hand & follow you everywhere. He is very healthy & has been eating hay & grain. He has been dewormed. His nanny momma is Kiko. The daddy buck is a full blue & red roan Savanna. He is about 11 months old. He is black & brown with white/grey speckled ears. We are selling to good homes and/or farms only. WE WILL NOT SELL FOR SLAUGHTER. We are located in Dowelltown 37059. $150 

The Savanna goat was developed in South African using natural selection, under harsh conditions. They were first imported to the United States in the late 1990's. They are large framed, extremely well muscled white goats with black skin pigmentation. Savanna goats are very adaptable and have very good mothering skills with good milk production. The kids grow fast.

Kirby ~ Savanna & Kiko Buck


     7474 Nashville Hwy

    Dowelltown, TN 37059


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