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Blue is a full Savanna Buck. He is blue & red roan and he turned 2 years old in November. He is healthy & has been de-wormed. He was born & raised on our farm and he produces great kids (see photos of babies). When fully standing on hind end, he is about 6' 3". We are asking $350. (A Savanna Buck his size & age would sell starting at $1000 registered / $600 non-registered). 

The Savanna goat was developed in South African using natural selection, under harsh conditions. They were first imported to the United States in the late 1990's. They are large framed, extremely well muscled white goats with black skin pigmentation. Savanna goats are very adaptable and have very good mothering skills with good milk production. The kids grow fast. The best of both worlds ~ meat & dairy goat in one!

Blue ~ Red & Blue Roan Savanna Buck

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