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Meet the Einstein's of the dog world.  These super smart lovable babies will sure win a place in heart.

Aussiedoodles are companion dogs & love being with people. They have been know to make excellent therapy/service dogs.


Meet our family that brings you beautiful aussiedoodle puppies


Bodacious Boy

My name is Bodhi. I am a CKC Silver & White Parti Standard Poodle male. I have matured at 70lbs. I am very playful and silly/goofy at times. I am very smart and happy-go-lucky. 

Sasha Baby

My name is Sasha. I am a CKC Blue Merle Australian Shepard with blue eyes. I am very sweet and loyal. I am also exceptionally smart. I weigh 50 lbs.


Kendall Star

My name is Kendall. I am a CKC Black & White Bi colored Australian Shepard with blue eyes. I am extremely smart and loyal, never leaving my mom's side. I am playful and very happy. I weigh 45lbs.

Harley Hero

My name is Harley. I am a CKC Red Merle male Australian Shepard with blue and green eyes. I love to play and love attention even more. I am very smart, loyal and happy-go-lucky. I weigh 45lbs. 


Lovely Lacey

My name is Lacey. I am a CKC F1 Sable Aussiedoodle. I am a little shy but very playful, smart and happy-go-lucky. I weigh 45lbs.

Mischievous Maizie

My name is Maizie. I am a CKC Red Merle Australian Shepard. I am very playful, loyal and Mom's 'trouble maker'. I am very curious and a talker. I weigh 50lbs.


Precious Ava

My name is Ava. I am a CKC Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle with Blue Eyes. I am super sweet, smart, very playful and loyal. I weigh 45lbs.

Darling Darby

My name is Darby. I am a CKC Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle with Blue Eyes. I am super smart, playful and senstive (I can sense when you are sad and I like to give hugs). I weigh 50lbs.

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